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Kristan has a fantastic knowledge of...using social media

Kristan a fantastic knowledge of the on line space and using social media to support success. She’s also demonstrated the ability to teach others and support them in using these skills. Kristan walks her talk.

MICHALA LEYLAND  //  Award winning Coach/Mentor/Speaker/Author

Kristan's training is...literally empowering

Kristan provided a personalised social media course for me.  The course was comprehensive and she provided detailed course notes, but the delivery was tailored to develop my weak areas and to demystify practices which had seemed to be beyond my technical abilities. Kristan is keen to build confidence in her clients as well as providing information and training. She is the person that you can ask your 'stupid' question to without feeling stupid and her courses are literally empowering as you will have a whole new set of tools to work with in your marketing endeavours. Many people have lots of knowledge but don't have teaching skills. Kristan has both and I strongly recommend that you try her for yourself

ROSEMARY ALLEN//  Hipica Formentor

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Kristan Ashton

Social Media Simplifier

Hi I'm Kristan.
Just over 3 years ago I left my corporate job and set up a business with my husband. Through building my business, I've spent so much time procrastinating and making sure everything is perfect before taking action. I've sat there looking at my laptop not knowing what to say. I've bought the planners. I've felt the overwhelm. I know how you feel.
I've used my experience and knowledge to create a real back to basics course and training programme to help you get your business Be Seen.
I love Social Media and I can show you how to love it too!

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