Facebook Frenzy

Social media is full of great things - connections with friends, events you may not have known about, support and advice and so much more. 

From a personal point of view the information can be valuable and can be a lot of peoples first point of call. 

From a business point of view it can be a scary lonely place. 

A place where you can sit and judge yourself and create a whole loads of feelings of failure with just one scroll. 

Looking at so called messy houses of other that work from home whilst surrounded by lego, ignoring the washing up in the sink….. It’s basically the Krypton Factor just to make a cuppa. 

The sweet children happily colouring while their parent works from home …. You gave up long ago and work when they’re in bed (whenever the hell that is….). Sleep is overrated anyway. 

You get lost, caught up in the vortex of other peoples lives - those that know exactly what they’re doing and how they’re going to get there. 

With the successful businesses and so much to say. 

You have nothing to say. You can’t compete. 

There’s a really important word there - YOU

They don't have YOU

The unique selling point of their business is not YOU

If YOU are looking at Facebook content from other business owners and it does not light you up, bring you some joy or interest then YOU are not their ideal client.

And if YOU are not then it means that others aren’t either (and that’s ok - we’re allowed to not like something, someone… it doesn’t make us bad people unless you’re a troll then yes you are a bad person) 

What is YOU were the person someone else sat at their computer or scrolling through their phone was just the person they were looking for?

Who has the same ideals

Who has the same values

The same problems

The same outlook 

Except YOU can solve their problem. 

By talking through your ideals, your values, how you can solve their problem just by being YOU

It’s not about what everyone else is doing. It’s about what YOU do. 

So what do you need to do.

Five steps:

  1. Be really clear on who your ideal client is.  Really bring them to life and talk to them always.  Once you know who your ideal client is you will find it easier to be you – I promise. You’re not trying to reach or please everyone, just the person / people who will grow your business and make you money.Not sure on where to start – Sign up for my free ‘ Your Biggest Fan’ freebie here

  2. Post consistently and vary your content - long posts, short posts, photos, videos, your thoughts, your opinions.  Videos aren’t scary and neither are Lives. You don’t need to talk. Show your products, take your followers on a walk, show a little behind the scenes. 

  3. Try not to post links as Facebook want people to stay on the platform but if you do post a link talk about it - don’t just post it and leave it.  Why is it relevant? Why should people read it? Use the link exactly what it’s for - for people to get to know you and read what you say.

  4. Don’t overthink it. Simple as that. Say something rather than nothing. Otherwise no one will find you. Ever.

  5. Be YOU. That’s what it comes down to. YOU are someone’s cup of tea , the answer to their problem and the person they will trust their hard earned cash with. People buy from people so be real. 

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