If You Think Your Ideal Customer Is “Everyone”, You Need To Read This!

Your goal is to get more customers for your business. At least that's what I'm assuming.

So if I asked you to tell me who your ideal customer was, you may well say "everyone", because it makes sense to spread your net as wide as possible.

That's one of the biggest mistakes I see in many types of business. In this blog post I'm going to give you 4 reasons why identifying a very specific ideal customer can make a huge positive difference to your business.

What Is An Ideal Customer?

What do I mean by ideal customer? I will walk you through exactly how to identify your ideal customer in a separate blog post - by following that process you will end up with a very specific definition of your ideal customer. For example, you will know their gender, age, income, family, likes and dislikes etc. You might even give them a name.

By having this very specific definition you can suddenly start making your Facebook Page postings, your Instagram pictures, your LinkedIn posts etc. aimed directly at your ideal customer.

1. You Can Talk To Them In A Way They Want To Be Talked To 

If you are trying to attract everyone to your product or service then your message - whether that be a post on your Facebook Business Page, or an Instagram photo for example - by nature has to be very broad. If you know exactly that type of person that you're trying to attract however, you can tailor your message to get their attention, to appeal to a specific need or emotion that they want fulfilling. This makes your message much stronger, and much more likely to attract them to your business.

2. Understand Exactly What They Want

If you know exactly who your ideal customer is, you will know what it is about your product or service that they want. What are the 3 key features that will appeal specifically to them? Once you know this, you can use those when you post on social media, run ads or whatever your marketing strategy is to attract more customers. Just by doing this will put you ahead of 90% of your competition.

3. Helps You Improve Your Product Or Service

You have an existing product or service. You have your ideal customer defined. Compare those two things. Is there anything that you can do to your product or service to make it better, to make it fit even more specifically to appeal to your ideal customer? I'm not suggesting that you should radically change your business model, but the more you can sync with the desires of your potential customers, the more chance they will move from potential to actual.

4. It Helps You Define Your Brand

Don't underestimate the power of having a defined brand. By this I mean the look and feel of your website, your Facebook Page, your Instagram account, your actual business premises. Branding is what differentiates you from your competition, what makes you attractive to potential customers. Understanding what kind of tastes your ideal customer has means that you can align your branding with them, making you even more appealing.


By identifying your idea customer you are giving yourself the tools to turn more potential customers to actual customers. You should find it much easier to come up with ideas of what to post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Once you have gone through this exercise you have a significantly more powerful marketing opportunities than that majority of other businesses. Here is your chance to make the most of them.

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