Top 5 Reasons Why YOUR Business Needs To Be On Instagram

Instagram is potentially the best free way to attract more customers in 2020 . If you're not already using Instagram you can get started quickly and easily (I'll show you how below).

Check out my to 5 reasons why you need to be using Instagram to get more customers:

1. Your Potential Customers Are Already There

There are over 1 BILLION Instagram users with 25 million businesses already using Instagram to attract customers. This means that if your competition isn't already using it, they will be soon.  If you're thinking that your potential customers are not using Instagram the likelihood is you're wrong.  Originally known as as the place for 'young people' Instagram has been around for almost 10 years and so those 'youngsters' are now 30-49 years old and 50% are still using it.  The main benefit of using Instagram for your business is to reach customers you otherwise might not. 

2. Any Size Business Can Grow

You can use the huge reach of Instagram to connect with thousands of potential customers who you wouldn't be able to reach otherwise - something only big companies could previously do. And don't think that you won't have the right type of pictures to share - we haven't come across a business yet that we haven't been able to show what type of content they can use.

3 Create Genuine Connections That Attract Customers

Posting images is the one thing that stops business owners in their track on Instagram.  You have to use an image every time and this can feel overwhelming or that you need a stunning or curated photo to post . All you need to do is post images that resonate with people who might want to utilise your product or service. Whether this is of you, your products, quotes, feedback, reviews.  Being authentic to you can generate emotional connections with potential customers so that they feel engaged with you from the start. 

4 Separate Your Business From The Competition

The images that you post are unique to you, so you're already ahead of your competition. Who is a potential customer going to give their business to -  someone they have a relatable connection to on Instagram or someone who doesn't have that type of online presence? If you've a seasonal business this is even more important - keep your business in your customers minds all year round. Something a lot of businesses don't do. 

5 Use Mobile

Did you know that engagement on Instagram is 10 TIMES higher than on Facebook? That's because it was developed specifically for use on mobile phones, and that's where your potential customers are spending an increasing amount of their time. So many businesses are missing the huge opportunities by not having a presence that is suited to mobile technology. 

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