Top 5 Reasons Why YOUR Business Needs To Have A Facebook Page

The chances are that you're already on Facebook. So are a lot of your potential customers. Having a Facebook Business Page can be a really effective way of connecting with new and existing customers.

Check out my to 5 reasons why you having a Facebook Page is a great way to get more customers:

1. Your Potential Customers Are Already There

You probably already know that Facebook is HUGE. There are over 2.5 BILLION monthly users, with 76% of the world's females and 66% of the worlds' males registered on the platform.

This means that there is a very strong chance that your potential customers are using Facebook. By having a Facebook Page for your business, you are giving yourself the opportunity to get in front of people who are specifically interested in your product or service.  

2. Opportunity To Interact With Customers

Having a Facebook Page for your business means that you chance to interact with potential customers and people who like your product or service. Sharing useful information with them will encourage them to engage with you, making it more likely that they would choose you rather than your competition.

3. Get In Front Of Your Customers Every Day

There has never been a platform in history that has given businesses the chance to get in front of, promote and engage with people for free! Previously you'd have to have a TV ad, which is obviously only possible for big businesses. A Facebook Business Page makes it easy for people to find you, like you and want to actually use your product or service.

4. Make It Easy For Potential Customers To Get In Touch With You

On your Facebook Page you can show your phone number, website, Whats App details and much more (menu if you're a restaurant, list of services if you're a yoga teacher for example). The easier you make it for someone to get in touch with you, book your product or service, make an enquiry etc. the much greater chance that they will actually do that!

5. Your Competition Probably Already Has One

Most businesses already have a Facebook Page - but that doesn't mean that they are using it the right way. By not setting up your Facebook page correctly and not knowing the right type of things to post, you're pretty much wasting your time. Learning how to use it properly can put you well ahead of your competition

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